How NOT to use the Enneagram at Work (or anywhere else)

During a week-end workshop on Hornevian and Harmonic triads I taught last week, after we explained about the Harmonic triads, and seeing that there were no Positive Outlook individuals in the 16 people who were attending the course, one of the participants said: “So, if I was running this team, I would try to hire some people in the Positive Outlook Harmonic triad, right?” Wrong!

Part of her thinking came, I believe, from my assertioHarmonicsn that in individuals it is important to be aware of our biases and our automatic tendencies, and to look for ways that will allow us to re-consider what is the best response mode – in the case of the Harmonic triads – to the actual situation, instead of being automatically pulled into the Reactive, Competency or Positive Outlook framework that is actually driving us. So, one of the basic aspects of the work is to be aware of our bias, and to work towards a more balanced approach. This implies finding ways to consider what is the most appropriate response to the situation at hand. Earlier, when we had spoken about the three triads (Gut, Head and Heart), we had spoken also about how to invoke the other centers in our behavior, our decisions, etc.